Xashion Fashion started in Seattle, WA

The Founder of Xashion was currently working at New Horizons a nonprofit organiztion then he realize he wanted a new job & he was ready  to run his own organization/business, so he went to a job fair for employment then he got invited to a Entrepreneurship Business class. Class started 3 weeks later and Xavier Haynes the Founder of Xashion Fashion had the mindset a nonprofit organization but he start taking class he realize how much more it took to start a nonprofit organization.  

Then in class David Sheon

(Entrepreneurship Professor/President of Whitecoatstrategies)

then David ask Xavier what else he was into.

Then that's when Xashion Fashion came aboard

I got into dress clothes/fashion and plus getting compliments about material. Plus I realize I love helping others so that why Xashion Fashion launched  to Help men look Fashionable, To help men/women save time by shopping for them, To delivery the clothes right to there office or home and To help Clothing stores increase their sales up and gain awareness out in the community. 



Check out this great video